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Car trouble got
you down? We’ve
got your back.

Get the money for the repairs you need today - it’s easy, fast and stress-free. We offer various financing options to cover your expenses and get you back on the road ASAP without breaking the bank.

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The Basics

What is financing?

Financing helps you with big expenses by providing you access to funds that you don’t have. It’s a way to get the things you need - even if you can’t pay for it right now. Financing means you can buy now and pay later.

There are different financing options, like credit cards and lease-to-loan solutions. We have different partnerships so you can get the solution that’s best for you.


Perks of financing

Without financing, repairing your car might be a bumpy ride. Pre-qualify today to speed things up! Applying for financing today ensures you’ll have the funds you need to get your car fixed and back on the road ASAP. Otherwise, if you wait to apply for financing until your car is diagnosed, it’s likely to delay the repairs by a few days.

Simple, fast and convenient
Get approved easily online in minutes
Get access to money TODAY
Get the money you need fast to cover your purchases today
Save money
0% APR when you pay off your balance and $0 penalty if you pay it off early
No need to break the bank
In most cases, you can get financing with $0 down
Get everything you need
Get all the repairs and services your car needs to get back in perfect condition

The Process

How does it work?

To apply for financing, the process is simple.

Select a financing option below

We already researched the best options out there.

Apply online

It’s easy and quick, just fill out a form in minutes.

Find out if you’re approved in minutes

That’s it! If approved, you'll get the funds to fix your vehicle.

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Is it for you?

Who should apply
for financing?

Get the money you need and then some. Who doesn’t love having more money? Financing is right for you if you don’t have enough for a rainy day and don’t think you can cover all your essential car repairs. 

Having access to financing helps you plan and save. It fastens the process to get your car fixed and be back on the road quickly.

Financing Options

The best cards

We researched and partnered with the best solutions available on the market and shortlisted them for you here.



Synchrony helps customers pay for important expenses by offering financing options such as store credit cards. Synchrony helps consumers pay over time and offers savings on products through Synchrony Bank. See more
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EasyPay Finance

EasyPay helps customers with good and poor credit make the purchases they need at over 12,000 locations across the USA. EasyPay offers customers various flexible payment options to pay off purchases over time stress-free. See more


Acima gives customers access to shop for what they need and want - with no credit required -  through the Acima mobile app, online, or in stores at 15,000 retailers across the nation. Acima offers lease-to-own solutions that strengthens credit history through responsible payments. See more

American First Finance

AFF helps consumers with their financial needs by providing loans and credit-building options. Each consumer receives an offer customized directly to their creditworthiness and can shop at a variety of stores from auto repairs, to medical, electronics and furniture retailers. See more

You confirm that you understand these are not applications of a firm offer or credit. You authorize Synchrony Bank, EasyPay Finance, Acima and American First Financial to obtain information from consumer reporting agencies to determine if you’re pre-qualified.

What can financing do for you?

My car needed repairs and I didn't have the money on hand or a credit card. Applying for financing was a life saver. It was super easy to apply and I was approved right away. Total game changer.

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April H.

I had a customer in the shop that didn’t have the money for critical repairs but needed $700 worth of work done to his truck. With financing, he was able to get it done in one go and get his truck back ASAP.

Arthur M.
General Manager

I was initially a bit intimidated because I had never applied to financing before. After going through the process and seeing how simple and straightforward it was, I definitely recommend applying to everyone. It saved me so much hassle and stress.

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Phillip R.


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